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if you're here, unfortunately something has happened to your JM timepiece. Please provide us with as much details as you can and send us pictures to expedite this process of getting your watch remedied and back to you soon.

The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. The international warranty covers the material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of delivery and covers the watch body (movement, case, crystal). Otherwise, the watch is not covered by the warranty. During this warranty period, you will be entitled to having such defects repaired free of charge. Your warranty validity will be reviewed, verified and assessed for its eligibility prior to the free repair. 

How to repair your Julian Michaels watch under warranty
If your watch is still under warranty, please visit to submit the request form. Once your warranty claim has been verified and approved, we will contact you for shipping details. If you have purchased the watch from a major retailer, please send it back to the authorised retailer which you have purchased the watch from.

Shipping cost for watch repair/servicing/return 
We will ship the repaired watch to your requested destination at our cost. However, you will be required to arrange for shipping of the watch to be repaired/returned at your own cost. 

Conditions where repair shall be paid for by the buyer 
(even if it is within warranty period and covered parts of the watch):
- Failure or damage due to misuse or carelessness
- Failure or damage due to unauthorised repair or modification
- Failure or damage due to natural disasters including but not limited to fire, flood or earthquake
- Changes to appearance during use (small scratches on the case and glass)
- If the name of the store and date of purchase are not stated in the warranty
- If warranty code is not registered and/or not provided

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