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The new Infinity Two is here.

Following the success of the Infinity One, the second generation comes with a new look and new features, thanks to highly positive and constructive feedback over the last year.

Trust us, much love has gone into this one.

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Our Journey so far

Infinity I Collection Successful Sold Out launch 

Thanks to our fans and friends, our first kickstarter campaign ended in November 2022 successfully funded. We are forever grateful to you. We're in love with you too, in fact.

Brand Collaborations

We are embarking on a few collaborations that may surprise quite a few. Expect unexpected releases.

Infinity Two is launched

Infinity Two commences its release in early Feb 2023.

Roots Collection in the Making

Our most ambitious timepiece so far by Yang, is finally in its final design stage. It promises to be jaw-dropping.

First Sports Collection in the Making

We're also slated to release our first Dive watch in 2023. 

Yours, forever

Julian Michaels strives to make wrist watches which are works of art with great meaning, quality and beauty at humble prices for the modern men and women.​ Combined with a sense of romanticism and practical functionality, our timepieces are created from our deep passion for meaningful human connections and crafted according to our unique design philosophy. 

We hope that the experience of wearing a Julian Michaels on you makes for great conversations, fond memories and the celebration of all of life's moments, big and small, happy or sad. For this experience is yours and yours alone, and forever.

Infinity One - white with baby shoes.jpg

"I do not equate high prices with high value, nor low prices with low quality. I'm not sure we are and will remain a microbrand, but as a start, I am striving for Micro-luxury here - Beautiful, original designs which are hopefully poetic to the eye, at a great level of quality and robustness at accessible prices."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Yang, Founder



The Time Teller

Excerpts from Reviews

The Time Teller (USA)

"Very interesting as far as it being pretty competent for $295."

"It may initially seem like a basic simple watch, but when you look closer, you see some very unique design language."

Time + Tide (Australia)

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out as a microbrand as dozens seem to pop up every week, but the most distinctive examples are always something special. Julian Michaels are the latest brand to forge an individual identity, but they do so without the need for any gimmicks or garish novelties.

Watch On (Denmark)

"I want to applaud Julian Michaels for doing something different, with the layout here, with the handset. I think that's brave. They don't follow the current trends of just making another example of a dress or fashion styled watch."

WatchboySG (Singapore)

"Julian Michaels, an independent watch brand out of Singapore, has launched two bespoke collections. Both are equally captivating and unique in its individual ways.

Each collection very different to each other, yet bear some semblance of sorts that showcases continuity in their design and philosophy in style."

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After-sales Connection


Unless specified, every Julian Michaels watch comes with one year's warranty  if it should have non-user damages.

We will be constantly available to you if you have any enquiries or issues. Also update your details so we can update you with news. No spam of course.

Our early adopters and fans - This special group of patrons we call VVIPs will have access to perks, early previews and constant updates henceforth.

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