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About Us

Julian Michaels strives to make wrist watches which are works of art with great build and beauty at humble prices for the modern men and women.​ Combined with a sense of romanticism and practical functionality, our timepieces are created from our deep passion for meaningful human connections and crafted according to our unique design philosophy. 

Julian Michaels is honoured to be part of the grand history in the horological world, and want to bring more beauty and integrity to it and as a result, forge its own historical journey. We promise that design wise, we will always be courageous to bring the most original and most unexpected ideas to you. Quality wise, we will be obsessive in our attention to detail and quality control, so that you will have a long lasting and meaningful relationship with your JM watch.

We hope that the experience of wearing a Julian Michaels on you makes for great conversations, fond memories and the celebration of all of life's moments, big and small, happy or sad. For this experience is yours and yours alone, and forever.





I am Yang, Founder and Chief Designer of Julian Michaels and this is my story.

Early 2022, my mother handed me a Citizen watch which belonged to my late father. I forgot all about this beloved watch of his. 


You see, time stood still when he departed and I rued with deep sorrow all the time I could have had with my father. Now the master had departed since 2019, but this watch ticked away still with exuberance, even though it was all misty inside with condensation trapped from a sauna session years ago. 

This triggered me to make all my watch designs and doodles a reality, for Julian Michaels represents the time I wished I had with my father, and time I fear I cannot have enough of with my young son Julian.

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