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New Release:
Julian Michaels Infinity Two 

What Do You Do
When Life Rushes at You?

The Infinity Two
Created and crafted in unpredictable times to brave and embrace the new era,
as we take our concept of dress/sports watch to a higher level
with classic aesthetics juxta
posed against robust and useful features
for the varied, vibrant lifestyles of the modern individual.

Learn more about the Infinity Two
in the Review by Watchchris

Infinity = Forever = ?

Just what is Infinity? A loop steeped in 'forever' in terms of time and space? What is forever? We think it is made up of moments. Moments that we remember fondly or less fondly, and moments that are correlated. We're pretty sure that most of these moments have human beings in there. Someone who moved you, affected you. Someone who did something for you. Someone who gave, someone who took from you. These are moments unique only to you. An incident in your nostalgic memory could be linked to another, fifty years later. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes not.

We feel, that infinity or forever, is a frame of mind, and whatever that remains in our memory makes it infinite. 

At design phase, we asked ourselves, "What is the one message or frame of mind that binds us all together today?"

The chaotic spiral dial texture, to us, signifies the rush of life that consumes us especially in unpredictable times today, while the snail, which trots along in timely fashion with no unbroken strides, symbolises the unperturbed and controlled mindset we find ourselves seeking after, to neutralise the chaos and have peace of mind. 

The unexpected is here to stay, as we all exist and breathe day by day, all we can do is embrace it and shine our own light, come what may.

Details and Specifications

The Infinity Two follows Julian Michaels' first collection, Infinity One, to explore its design philosophy of the exquisite balance and beauty of infinite space and time.
This time round, we have included lume, an anti-reflective coating and a date feature to round off an already exquisite and effective timepiece for the outspoken and outgoing persona in you.



Lug to lug               

Lug width               




Case finishing   





Water resistance  






Sapphire crystal with                anti-reflective coating

316L Stainless steel

Highly polished and                    brushed 

316L Stainless steel 

with deployant clasp

Super-Luminova BGW9


Japanese NH35 Automatic

316L Stainless


Design Philosophy


No part, in itself, is a hero, yet all parts are heroes and they exist peacefully together.


Inspired by the Italian painter masters of old, an artwork thrives on light and shadows to make for depth of field, poetic romance and beautiful artistry.

Breathing Space

There must be room for all parts to co-exist, that creates a sense of airy both tranquility and excitement.

Boldness and Purpose

Every element must have a purpose for its humble existence,  and it must have heart and courage to proudly be part of the whole picture. 

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