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Let's forget about watches for a while and discuss space and time. Every individual on planet earth has been allocated space and time in which we live and breathe in. Julian Michaels believes in deeper connections and is in this same train of thought that we feel that before the forging of meaningful human connections is possible, we need healthy minds. But we're no experts, for it could also be vice versa; deep intimate heartfelt connections create healthier minds.

Which brings us to this page dedicated to healthier minds, happy hearts and a hearty life.

It saddens us, from our research, to see that mental health is a bigger issue today. We could attribute it to financial market crashes, the pandemic, high global unemployment rates. But it could be a myriad of reasons that lead us down that rabbit hole.


When should I give up?  

A psychological science project (You've gotta know when to fold them... , Gregory Miller and Carston Wrosch) suggests that excessive inflammation contributes to adverse medical outcomes, and in some contexts, quitting or giving up may actually boost well-being and good health. Here, we are referring to a particular situation or path which is hindering you from continuing your life in a positive manner, such as a career switch or toxic relationship. 


What is truly troubling, however, is when people choose to give up on life. To give in. Losing all hope of ever seeing brighter days again. Basically, despair that results in self destruction. Most of us will never understand it, but with great empathy we can support one another.

How do I help someone who's feeling depressed / anxious / hopeless?  

For those of us who are well, the tricky thing is the healthy do not need help, the sufferers do. Yet, it is observed that less than 16% of people in the United States sought treatment for their emotional issues, as revealed in The World Mental Health Surveys (WMHS), With a range of symptoms that may not be easy to detect, it becomes even more challenging to support someone whom we think needs help. And, the difficult part is not just reaching out to somebody who is constantly unhappy or seemingly depressed, but also reaching out to them persistently and patiently. While we have provided platforms below where we all can learn the fundamental things to say and do, we must try our best to point them to the professionals who are more efficiently than us to care for them.

I don't need help. Do I?  

Sometimes we may wonder if it is necessary to voice our thoughts or to seek help. Does it label us as a mental sufferer? Does it make us look vulnerable? If you are not feeling well mentally or emotionally, we hope reading this gives you more optimism to do something to take better care of yourself. In fact, by reading this, you'd know that you are not alone. And if you further dive into the true short stories submitted to us below, you'd realise there are many in similar or worse predicaments as you. Do not give up or give in, is our gentle plea to you.

Quick note: Just so you know, our founder Yang has had experience working with Government organisations such as NCSS and Youth Alliance on awareness campaigns for mental health of issues and feels deeply about mental betterment.

Talk to someone
who knows

Quick links if you need help for yourself or somebody else

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Betterhelp -


Silver Ribbon Singapore -

Mindline -

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Samaritans -

Nightline Association -


These are true stories we have gathered. When we received and read them, we were moved not just from reading about their sufferings, but also knowing that they trust us enough to pen and send their heart-wrenching experiences to us. We hope it encourages and inspires you too. Simply click on them to read the full story.

If you have something similar to share with us, or to simply get off your chest, please email it to us at

Please keep it to 200 words or fewer if you don't want us to edit and summarise for you. 

Please note that we are just an arena for shared content and do not provide remedies, answers, or consultation for any issues. For professional help, please refer to the links above.

Please note that we are a watch brand that believes in mental betterment and want to spread awareness of seeking help for mental conditions, no matter the level of severity, in these confusing times. We are in no way experts on this subject matter. All we have is heart and empathy and a genuine curiosity in how people are coping out there in this age of conflict, confusion and cynicism. Though from our perspective, we see light, hope and brighter days, we do not have answers. Instead, and more importantly, we can only urge that more questions be asked. How can we all recognise symptoms of mental illness? How can we help more? And especially, why don't we help more? Don't act out, act on it.

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